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Goliath Games/Pressman Toys “Legends Of The Hidden Temple: The Board Game” Unboxing

By: Thomas Brewington

Recently, we received in the mail, one of the coolest bits of nostalgia, in “Legends Of The Hidden Temple”.

For kids of the 90’s, like myself, this brought back a wave of happiness that I experienced watching the colorful teams answer trivia questions, and earning their way into Olmec’s temple, being wary of the nefarious temple guards aiming to block their way to success.

In this unboxing you can see us reveal the contents of this game, and all of it’s glory.


  • 12 double sided game board panels
  • 3 Pendants Of Life
  • 6 team tokens
  • 6 team dice
  • 25 Lost Treasure cards
  • 1 Book Of Legends
  • 2 Golden Cups
  • 2 cannon balls
  • 72 team cards
  • 6 mover stands
  • 3 Silver Monkey cards
  • 3 Temple Guard cards
  • 11 locked door tokens




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