JumpBoost Gaming was founded in April 2017, to counter bad gaming websites. Too many sites feature ridiculous ads, poorly written articles, and lack luster content.

At JumpBoost, we wanted to be the break of the norm, and provide not only the latest in gaming news, but also feature technology, comics, film, television, pop culture, and our own unique content.

-Thomas Brewington


Our staff writers include myself and Jack Treese (Treesenhauser) as main contributors, with a slew of guest writers such as Eric Wolfe from Indy Card Media, Shane Pelletier from Planet Buster, Patrick Ganczewski (Pat G.) from The Turnbuckle Talk Podcast, and others.

We ventured into podcasting where we’ve had guests such as Leva Bates (professional wrestler and Twitch gamer) and Ray Strazdas (YouTube personality) giving us their insights on gaming and media.

We’re also partnered with John Cimino of the GERE Network, and their many wonderful programs.

We look to grow with our media, and bring you the best content on the internet. Join us. Jump in!